Watch Mohatarama ( モーターラマ) with Japanese and English subtitles

Mohtarama is availble on BASA Film Ondemand Network with english and Japanese subtitles.

(Winer Current Asia Award from Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival(
AFGHANISTAN / 2012 / Dari / B&W / Blu-ray / 60 min
Directors: Malek Shafi’i, Diana Saqeb
Script, Photography, Producer: Malek Shafi’i
Editing: Esmaeel Adivi
Sound: Diana Saqeb
Source: BASA Film
In 2009, the Afghan Parliament approved the Shia Family Law, which was then signed by President Karzai. The law severely restricted women’s freedom, making it illegal for them to exit the house without their husband’s consent or resisting to their husband’s sexual demands. Mohtarama The Afghan women who were against this law, gathered and protested in front of Afghanistan’s biggest religious school where the law was written with support from Sheikh Asif Mohsini (an Islamic scholar and the founder of the school). The protests turned violent as the students of the school began humiliating the women protestors by beating, spitting, and labeling them as “Western followers”.
This was one of the first major movements by women for their rights. This seemed to be the right time to visit other provincesto learn about the concerns and challenges of the educated Afghan women and their hopes and expectations from women movements.
Muhtarama is mainly about the educated Afghan women and their common concerns that ranges from lack of political and social rights to domestic violence and troubled married lives to street harassment.

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